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Official Peanuts BBQ Snitch shirt

To kneel and peaceful protest is The first amendment right. To demand that people stand and salute the Official Peanuts BBQ Snitch shirt is Known as dictatorship.Read the constitution and while you’r If you’re so worried about people disrespecting the flag read about flag etiquette. I feel that to kneel is disrespectful. That’s my opinion. We as a people will never agree. I believe in the right to free speech, but do it with respect. Look at these jerks that protest the deaths of military and gay people’s deaths. They go to the service and protest yelling about how the dead are going to hell. They have the legal right to protest, but that does not make it right! Think about it! Just because it’s legal does not make it right.

Official Peanuts BBQ Snitch shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Stephenie Marr Nelson what is the better way to go about it? Riots and violence? They are peacefully and silently bringing awareness to an issue some may not have been aware of, and showing their Official Peanuts BBQ Snitch shirt for otherS who may not feel like they have a voice. Is kneeling working? It’s separates us more. Yes, there are so many wrongs going on and I personally know there has to be change!! I just think there is a better way to go about it. Just my opinion.

Peanuts BBQ Snitch shirt
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Her old ass will be the first to go anyway so what does it matter. I just watched the news today and they were showing how bad the Official Peanuts BBQ Snitch shirt brutality is in Arizona. Not to just blacks but to all races. No one carea though until it happens to them or the ones they love. many people in the military says its disrespectful. And same goes to liberals. And actually if you look at statistics cops shoot more white people than blacks. But of course the media doesn’t show that. So the whole kneeling for the flag is a joke. What about the black people who pulled a guy out of his car and beat him to death for having a trump bumper sticker. Where were his freedom of speech rights? You don’t see us parading around destroying cities and kneeling for our flag. Every liberal needs to learn their Official Peanuts BBQ Snitch shirts before they go and kneel for our flag and destroy shit

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