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Official No one Illegal on stolen land shirt

People should really think before they post. The post is about different cultures. If you can’t see beyond your own little mind, that’s pretty sad for you! Because news organisations post it on their social media under the No one Illegal on stolen land shirt making it a talking point. Lovely family photo. Nice to see so many nice comments and hear people’s stories about appreciating different cultures. No time for people who are commenting otherwise (showing their own emotional hang ups). Positive people make the World a more interesting place. I see a beautiful family.

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No one Illegal on stolen land shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

No one Illegal on stolen land Sweater
No one Illegal on stolen land Hoodie

Get use to it, because multiracial is the future. I think the children are just beautiful and in another 20 years it is estimated that multiracial will be the majority. Love does not have boundaries and deserves respect. This is a beautiful social media family and the wife is proud of her heritage and so is the No one Illegal on stolen land shirt and they’re raising their kids to be proud. You better believe my aunt’s husband had to learn Jamaican traditions and culture as did my aunt had to learn all about Kansas City. That’s just what family is.

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