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Archer: Shut up liver you’re fine

Yesterday was bittersweet I was fortunate to be able to spend what would’ve been my grandfathers 92nd birthday weekend with our family in Italy. Today, we celebrate his life as he would’ve wanted us to, starting off w/a cafffe corretto for Archer: Shut up liver you’re fine shirt. Up next, Brez and Lagrein tasting. Another day on this damn rancho Thank God for alcohol Shut up liver you will be fine these mathafuckers out here killing rattlesnakes I be damn if I eat that Cristy Calderon eww no. Beautifully Designed Funny Wine Glass! She will enjoy a relaxing evening with her new funny wine glass, which holds 15 ounces of her favorite wine! The Archer: Shut up liver you’re fine shirt Gift For Wine Lovers Top present for a Birthday, Valentines Day, Anniversary or Mothers day for women.

Archer: Shut up liver you're fine
Archer: Shut up liver you’re fine

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